Monthly meetings

Through monthly meetings, participants learn about LGBTQ related topics such as coming out, gender identity, spirituality, LGBTQ and Latino culture, health, dating, and long-term relationships. Topics are chosen by participants and respond to relevant issues. Alianza Latina meetings involve youth, family members, volunteers, adult advocates, allies, and partner organizations. This allows for connection between diverse participants to ensure a network of support is built that meets the needs of each participant. Meetings also serve as a point of organization for further efforts by members – a place to plan efforts and discuss issues. Meetings are held every second Thursday of each month.

The Community Outreach Workshops

A critical component of Alianza Latina is the active involvement of youth in improving the conditions within their own communities. Youth participants and their allies conduct outreach through workshops in Madison schools and youth-serving agencies. Current partners include Memorial High School, West High School, LaFollette High School, Sennett Middle School, and Centro Hispano. Outreach educates youth on issues of discrimination and harassment, mental health, and sexual health. Alianza Latina participants have been invited back to numerous workshop sites to support more long-term efforts, including the establishment of LGBTQ support groups within schools. Community outreach workshops address the institutionalization of racism, sexism, and homophobia by supporting youth and professionals seeking to change the climate of institutions and engage youth in changing their own community, developing self-advocacy skills.

If your agency or your organization wish to schedule a Community Outreach Workshop, send us an email through our contact form.

The Family involvement Project

Alianza Latina has established a partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District, Middleton School District and numerous nonprofit agencies. Through these partnerships Alianza Latina receives referrals of Latino families in need of support with LGBTQ issues. This contact usually happens at the moment parents find out that their kids are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. As family members begin embracing a supportive orientation they are invited to participate in regular Alianza Latina meetings. Staff and volunteers work with family members to meet them where they are, while remaining focused on the mutual goal of supporting their children. This component of the project is critical in ensuring LGBTQ youth receive adequate mental health care, connect to an accepting community, and maintain a healthy dialogue with their family members. While Alianza Latina’s family involvement component serves families individually, it is one of the most important elements of the project’s organizing efforts as it tackles the intimate homophobia that many youth face from within their family. 

If you know of any family who needs this service, send us an email through our contact form.